Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aaron Marinel - Filmmaker, Art Director

In 2011 Aaron's Short 35mm Film "RUST" won the Best Florida Film Award at the Independents' Film Festival. RUST is the story of a murdered young man who comes back as a ghost to rescue his girlfriend from her nefarious step father. Aaron was the Director (along with Rebecca Hodges), Writer and Editor on the film. See on IMDB!

In 2010 Aaron was the Art Director on the award winning film "Loves Me Not". This film was also featured in an article in American Cinematographer! See on IMDB!

In 2010 Aaron and his colleagues won the Brouhaha Film Festival and were featured in the Florida Film Festival with their Documentary "Space Town", the story of Titusville, Florida a small almost ghost town who's fate has always hinged on the success or failure of the NASA program in Cape Canaveral. Aaron came up with the Documentary's concept and was the Editor. See on IMDB!

In 2006 Aaron won the Jury Selection Award at the Filmstream Film Festival for his Documentary "Taking Back Odiorne", the story of a New Hampshire state park that was plagued for over 20 years by devil worshipers and an infamous serial flasher. See on IMDB!

Along with being a Filmmaker Aaron is also an inventor. He invented the SteadiGO video camera stabilizer which is manufactured in the USA.
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